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Team Category
Mona Axelrod Tax Administrator
Pat Backus Executive Assistant
Adam Barth Hedge Fund Controller
Yelena Baturina Fund Administrator
Gloria Chavez Executive Assistant
Mary Margaret Colleary Associate, Attorney at Law
Patrick Douglas Operations Associate
Matt Felong Hedge Fund Assistant Controller
Beth Hamelman Estate Administrator
Christian Harrigan Systems Developer
Tiffany Henriquez Executive Assistant
Aaron Jagoda Operations Associate
Britt Kenney Client Services Associate
Arlene Khoury Controller
John Lewis Operations Associate
Jill Liebman Client Services Associate
Mike Loughney Senior Fund Controller
Maryann Markic Operations Associate
Michael Marrone Operations Associate
Josalyn Mayfield Finance and Operations Analyst
Andrew Mezo Senior Operations Associate
Jaime Miller Executive Assistant
Marian Natividad Controller
Elizabeth Parker Client Services Associate
Chano Ramdath Executive Assistant
Joel Roemer Client Services Specialist
Maureen Scott Executive Assistant
Katherine Pickel Senior Trust Manager
Valentina Stanovic Office Administrator
Maria Torres Executive Assistant
Josh Whitehurst Director of Systems Development
Joel S. Ehrenkranz Partner and Co-Founder
Sanford B. Ehrenkranz Partner and Co-Founder
Andrew Sommers Managing Partner
Amy G. Bermingham Partner
John B. Ehrenkranz Partner and Chief Investment Officer
Patrick J. C. Shaw Partner
Kurt F. Dudas Partner
Hannah W. Mensch Partner
Kabir Kapoor Managing Director, Head of Research
Abraham Eapen Vice President
Pete J. Gatti Vice President
Jeffrey Moriarty Analyst
Mack Herlyn Junior Analyst
Ashley Kopacki Junior Analyst
Steven W. Davidson Chief Operating Officer
Tinika Brown General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
Matt Chambers Chief Information Officer
Michael Fierro Chief Financial Officer
Craig Lukas Director of Tax and Chief Administrative Officer
Marty J. Piccinich Director of Information Technology
Michael Sancilio Director of Client Services